Analysis Of The Movie ' Heroin ' And Swansea Love Story ' By Andy Capper And Leo Leigh

Analysis Of The Movie ' Heroin ' And Swansea Love Story ' By Andy Capper And Leo Leigh

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Academic Reflection Essay
Swansea Love Story

Heroin is portrayed the film “Swansea Love Story” by Andy Capper and Leo Leigh. The producers focus on what lead the people to use, the effects of their use, the rehabilitation process and the using itself. The drug also has a medical origin and is dealt with in harsh manner by law enforcement. Through out the text I will evaluate and analyze these aspects in detail.
The film displays many aspects heroin addicts’ lives in the small city of Swansea whales. This city has a high population of heroin abusers, which is growing by the day, and many of them are teenagers of young age. The producer shows us different people from different parts of human society, like a romantic couple for instance who had lost their child because of a disturbed family member. The author focuses a lot on the source or motivation that got them hooked on the drug in the first place. For instance he speaks to a family who are battling heroin addiction where and the son is using and he puts all the blame on his father who was using in front of him as a child, although he thinks that society itself was a major factor that contributed as well. The producer even films the addicts’ injecting the drug in side alleys, showing us the effects these drugs have on humans.
The producers present the film in a neutral form not showing biased in any way towards the drug or the people using it. Heroin being a drug that has a high addiction rate and horrible side effects makes it a hard drug to display in an objective manner. But despite that the producers display the ability to recover from heroin addiction. For instance the filmmakers show a man who is recovering from drug addiction through switching to another drug “Methado...

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...rug. Others cannot control their cravings and eventually will use again. As we saw in the movie with the guy who live with his girl friend and eventually after going to prison returned to his old habit of using. Therefore I think that administering medical treatment to the people who are addicted is the right solution.
In conclusion heroin being a drug that was produced for medical reason has proven its minor medical uses but major harmful consequences. Though the film we see all the consequences of the drug, but also the way people try to rehabilitate them selves or get of the drug. The fact that it is has proven in most cases to be unsuccessful, further displays the drugs heavy effects and the reasons why the drug in banned in most of the countries around the world. the drug however should be fought it a medical way to end the use and not just punish users.

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