Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Heart Of Memphis '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Heart Of Memphis '

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Separate but Not Equal
Beale Avenue, which was later renamed Beale Street was established, in 1841, by a self made entrepreneur by the name of Robertson Topp Beale Street, which is located in downtown Memphis, is commonly known as the “heart of Memphis”. Beale is one of Memphis’s most famous places to visit and can also be considered as a monument in Memphis, Tennessee. Whether it is the mouth watering food venues, wild nightlife, or even the bands playing blues, people are drawn to Beale Street with the expectations to experience a great time. However, Beale Street has not always been home for unforgettable strip of neon lights and local bands, lined with bars and small walk-in eateries. For some, we are unaware of Beales true history, and the unbearable situations that African Americans encountered during the early eighteenth to late nineteenth century. Behind the famous and thrilling jam-packed street is its history of Jim Crow laws, and the exploratory measures it took to allow segregation. The allowance of segregation damaged African Americans pride by withholding the equality of several black Memphians, as well as states around the world. Creating a country that was once one, into two.
. During the time of the early nineteenth century, Beale looked very different from what we see today, especially in color, mainly due to segregation, which was first legalized during the 1880s. Meanwhile, most states in the United States enforced segregation under the Jim Crow laws, which took authority in deciding where people of color where allowed yet, restricted to be. In other words, the laws were set in place to keep blacks and whites separate. The Jim Crow system was set in place for African Americans to follow and abide by: “whi...

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...banning segregation in the southern states. This formed one of the biggest turn around in the century.
Beale Streets’ history holds a substantial amount of value and respect. Beale, but also surrounding Memphis has worked extremely hard to build not only our community, but or legacy. Memphis stands tall, and deserves a lot of respect. We have, as a community transformed our city into masterpiece filled with sweet Memphis love. As a community we need to cherish our history, for the past. Appreciate Beale for what has been accomplished, and for what is yet to come. Also to know, the real reason why true Memphian treasures the famous Beale Street. “Whether you’re looking to chill to some blues and jazz or want to find a raucous party any night of the week, Beale is the place to be.” Beale Street is home for not only history, but for unforgettable and memorable times.

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