Analysis Of The Movie ' Grant ' Essay examples

Analysis Of The Movie ' Grant ' Essay examples

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“Grant,” Alex said as she gripped onto the desk to keep herself from falling over or running. “I would like to say this was a pleasant surprise, but my mother told me never to lie.”
“You’re entertaining, I’ll give you that,” Grant said with a smile, like they were chatting over coffee. “But I don’t have time to have witty banter with you. And honestly, neither do you. Hand over the bracelet, now.”
The most terrifying thing about the threat was that Grant’s expression didn’t change, he still had the charming half smile and relaxed body posture. His eyes just got darker, that was it. Like a cat knowing that there was nowhere else for the mouse to run. Alex didn’t doubt for a moment that he would kill her without a second of hesitation. He really was a piece of work.
“I gave it to Clint,” Alex lied as she scooted around the desk, attempting to put something between them. It wasn’t lost on her that she just made herself a hypocrite. However, she knew this was a fight she wouldn’t be able to win and needed to do something to stay alive. She would say a few Hail Mary’s or whatever she was supposed to do later. She was sure God, Odin, or whoever was in charge of these types of things would understand.
Alex didn’t think for a moment she could outrun Grant, but she was hoping someone would show up to save her before he decided that he didn’t want to play cat and mouse anymore. Hell, there were three superheroes and maybe an assassin around. One of them would show up eventually, right? She wasn’t a hero and had no thoughts that she was. She just wanted to stay alive long enough to fail her Bio exam.
As if on cue, she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Alex almost smiled until she differentiate the sound from the pounding in her...

... middle of paper ...

... the shooting hadn’t brought a police response, maybe a fire would.
She slipped on the floor when she tried to get up because she was still holding onto the bracelet. A frustrated growl escaped her as she put the bracelet on her wrist and ran. The glass crunched under her boots as she crossed the linoleum. Her fingers brushed against the lever when someone grabbed onto her hair and dragged her backward.
“ты, маленькая сука,” Nadia growled.
Alex brought her foot up and grabbed onto her switch blade before she was whipped around to face Nadia. There was blood dripping from Nadia’s nose and mouth as her hands closed around Alex’s throat. Alex stumbled against the wall and tried to break Nadia’s grip, but it was impossible. Alex was gasping for air as ringing started in her ears. There was also another sound, like a wind chime that was playing a single high note.

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