Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Ghetto Clown '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Ghetto Clown '

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1) (John is remising about his child hood.) In 1960, His mother and father was fighting. Ray Ray was introduced as his best friend that laughed at all his jokes. John gets arrested for kicking in the conductor’s door and talking on the mic; this was probably his first bad review. In 1970, He was known as the class clown in high school. Mr. Zufus (math teacher) gave john an acting coach number. His acting coach got him addicted to read and acting teachers wouldn’t quit on him. Coach got him his first audience with the greatest actor in the world. John calls his dad to tell him he’s going to become an actor and his father tells him that is a disgrace to his family. Then he throws John out of the house, but now John is now free. 1980’s Tweety was John way out of the struggle. John was in an emotional exercise about his dog and the director knew he wasn’t seriously acting. Director told John to act as if she was talking to his dad and the performance was outstanding. John’s grandfather told him not to become a get an acting role as a drug dealer, but he did it without telling him. Once his grandfather knew he told him to stay out the sun because only the white looking Latinos get the better roles. John looked extremely pale in his first show, Miami Vince. After this film aired, he received his first call from a management company that helped him get a role in his first Hollywood movie. The star in the movie only believed in realism, so John was slapped multiple times only for the director to take that scene out of the movie. After this movie John returned to queens and “hit rock bottom” because he wasn’t happy. He started writing to make time past and express himself, this is when he decided to write mambo mouth. He enjoy...

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... writing as a mechanism to ease his pain or depression.
8) No, the only person that can make you happy deep inside is yourself; not your career or your family. You have to find closure in order for you to move on and let anger and misery go. You can’t blame anyone for your misery but you.
9) Justine throws John at of the house and advices him to get himself together. John goes to visit his dad after he’s had a stroke, looking for closure. John tells his dad “thank you for being abusive and hard on me, this made me the man that I am today”. Then John takes a stroll around the old neighborhood and reminisce about how great his life actually ways. He gets on the subway and does something he was always afraid (because he was arrested for doing it) but he loved to do it, which was talk on the conducts mic about all of the wonderful people he had or once had in his life.

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