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Analysis Of The Movie ' Eve ' Essay

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smart in order to defeat her. She is still controlled by her programmers. However power is not the only thing the movie tries to express about gender roles. It is very important to note that while EVE is an extremely strong and vicious robot, she is completely dependent on her programmer for instructions. In relation to this, Springer explains that this representation of eve as dependent and naïve, but intelligent is just the basic depiction of females in society(Springer). Instead, throughout the movie, EVE is this evil presence that seeks to destroy but the way she looks is very sexually appealing. EVE is a sexually appealing not only in the way she looks, but the way her body is designed. It is inevitable for men to look at eve and not construct sexual feelings regarding this robot. Similar to what Claudia springer explained in Electronic Eros: Bodies and Desire in the Postindustrial Age, humans tend to have the fantasy of robot and human combined, and this movie fulfills the fantasy. This theory proposed by Springer is evident throughout EVE of Destruction. For instance, we may know that after the robbery and her programming changes, she will only kill, but we still cant deny how she maintains how attractive and sexual she is depicted. Throughout the movie, EVE’s body is the feminine part of her nature, while her violence is the masculine part of her nature ( Springer). Using this theory further, one can see how EVE’s eagerness to kill and destroy can be representative of her sexual desire. More so, this desire is the fantasy that the movie is trying to sell. As one can tell, as time progresses movies are more direct in the way they portray gender roles in relation to AI movies. While in videodrome it was not as evident, by E...

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...cking. To elaborate, in the movies, the robots do not represent a women a whole, only certain characteristics. This speaks against society, as if society is trying to insinuate that women as a package are not that great, but if you from women the characteristics that coincide with societal expectation, then women will be the perfect specimen. In this case, the perfect specimen is the robot in the AI movies. More so, the robots in the film regardless of their nature; for instance, in EVE of destruction, even though she is purely evil and wants to destroy, the robot itself is very sexual. The robot can be depicted as strong, smart, etc. but each robot tends to have this attractive body and face. In movies of the past, such as Videodroma have set the precedent for audiences to realize that all movies are just robots disguised as women to imply certain societal beliefs.

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