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Analysis Of The Movie ' Educating Rita Essay

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In my English 251 class at College of the Sequoias, the class was shown a movie called, “Educating Rita.” It is a movie about an uneducated woman named “Rita” who is trying to discover herself and wants to go back to school, with the help of her professor Frank Bryant. Frank is a professor that uses alcohol to cope with his divorce. A problem Rita faces is with her family and husband wanting her to have a baby. Facing many obstacles, Rita makes her choice to better her education and leave behind the problems that were dragging her down. Our assignment was to find as many issues as we could. In the movie, there were many issues with different characters. Issues like alcoholism, suicide, self-hatred, and jealousy. The movie teaches how anybody can reach or do something even if there are many obstacles in the way.
Alcoholism is a big issue in this movie with Professor Bryant. Many people drink alcohol for special events or just when they feel like relaxing. Frank uses alcohol because of a divorce and because of his struggles as a poet. Some say that alcoholics should continue drinking because it helps them forget about worries and it relaxes them when stressed or depressed. However, alcohol can also be dangerous when used excessively. In the movie, there is a scene where Frank is intoxicated at his tutorial. He’s had many warnings by the school and even his boss, Brian. In an article called “Alcohol and Aggression,” It states that, “Alcohol reduces our ability to think straight.” This means that the person drunk can get angry over something random and the outcome of it will be something violent or thoughtless.
Suicide is also an issue in the movie “Educating Rita.” After leaving Denny, Rita starts calling herself by her real name...

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To sum it up, “Educating Rita is a movie about a 26-year-old woman that wants to go back to school and make her life better. She doesn’t want to follow her family by having babies after marriage. In the movie, there are many issues and in my English 251 class we were told to write about four. The issues were alcoholism, suicide, self-hate, and cultural dissonance. Frank Bryant, Rita’s Professor, was dealing with alcoholism and self-hatred. He was dealing with it because of his struggled as a writer and his divorce. Rita was dealing with cultural dissonance because of how she wanted to change her ways. Suicide was an issue because of Rita’s roommate named Trish. Trish tried to overdose because she wasn’t happy with her life. I believe that finding these issues helped me think more about things going on in my life that relate to things Rita went through in hers.

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