Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Dear White People '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Dear White People '

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When I first viewed the trailer for Dear White People I was more than thrilled. I imagined the film was going to be it was going to be my generations’ version of the Spike Lee Joint School Daze based off of the perverse I viewed, but as I began to watch the movie I realized I was mistaken. Unlike School Daze, a film tailored to a black audience, while the latter is tailored for a broader audience. Dear White People beautifully depicts the different types of black people, how foolish stereotypes are, the struggles college students’ faces in finding themselves, and most importantly, that black empowerment is not the same as black supremacy. While the film has many great attributions it fails show positive relationships that does not involve a straight white male.
The satirical film takes place in a fictional predominately white Ivy League college Winchester University, and focuses on four very different black students. The first being a Sam White the radical revisionary. Sam brings attention to issues concerning race, but the entire film struggles with being who she truly is, oppose to what others want her to be. Similarly to Sam Colandrea “Coco” Connors struggles with who she. Unlike Sam, who at times overly expresses where blackness and feels strongly about her roots, Coco is ashamed of who she is a just wants to fit in with people who she thinks can love her more than her own race. Troy Fairbanks falls somewhere in the middle between Sam and Coco. He is a legacy student who comes from privilege and seems to do a better job in convincing others that he is being himself, when in reality his father runs his life. Lastly Lionel Higgins who differs from the other characters in the fact that he fits in with no one. Lionel could be se...

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... herself in. In a country that praises a man like Donald Trump, who uses his public notoriety to spread hate and ignorance, but condemns Kendrick Lamar for speaking about the systemic racism that infects our country to it’s core, this movie is a wake up call to America. It shows how racism rears its ugly head in predominate institutions and is a solid movie that highlights different types of black people, dismantles stereotypes, and shows that black empowerment for what it truly is. Even though the movie has an R rating, due to langue, drug use, and sexual content it would be suitable for everyone of the age of 15. TSU students should not write this film off, it may lack in showing was college life looks like for them, but it will give them a better understanding of what college life sometimes looks like for their brothers and sisters on a predominately white campus

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