Essay about Analysis Of The Movie 28 Days By Betty Thomas

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie 28 Days By Betty Thomas

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In this paper the reader will be able to find a variety of different areas covered. A detailed summary of the movie 28 days directed by Betty Thomas in 2000 will start the paper. The diagnostic criteria of a psychiatric disease will be included along with rationales why the main character fits the diagnosis of disease. Included is the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of coping mechanisms. Pharmacological with classification and non-pharmacological treatments will be included in addition to discussion of ethical and legal issues. This paper will include whether it would be an acceptable fit for patients or families with the same diagnosis. Lastly, will be an overall conclusion of the information provided in the paper.
28 Days is a movie starring Gwen Cumming played by Sandra Bullock. The movie starts with Gwen passed out from a long night of drinking with her boyfriend Jasper and waking up the next day. Gwen spends her days the exact same. She parties every night and gets intoxicated. Most nights involve Jasper, also. At the beginning of the movie after Gwen and Jasper wake up, Gwen realizes they are late for her very meticulous sister, Lily’s, wedding. She ends up arriving at the wedding looking unkept and disheveled. Of course, Lily knows why her sister is late and looking discombobulated. Gwen proceeds throughout the wedding with drinking and eventually knocks over the wedding cake right before her speech as the maid of honor. She makes a disastrous speech about her sister and new husband. After knocking over the wedding cake and making her speech she decides to run to the store to grab a new cake while intoxicated. She borrows the limousine to get her to the cake store and ends up crashing into a house. She eventual...

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...mate Andrea is soon to be released from the facility. She is quite anxious about going back into the reality of the real world. Gwen returns to her bathroom to find Andrea who has passed away after overdosing on heroin. This prompts Gwen to restore her relationship with her sister. As Gwen’s last day arrives, Eddie approaches her and warns her one last time about how bad Jasper is for her.
Gwen returns to her hometown of New York City. Jasper continuously tries to persuade Gwen that he has changed and will change from his previous ways. The last scene of the movie shows the couple at dinner with old friends who they frequently partied with. The friends ask both Gwen and Jasper to join them as usual. Gwen declines and Jasper becomes appalled by Gwen’s answer. Gwen then leaves the restaurant, realizing that Jasper won’t change, and he isn’t healthy for her recovery.

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