Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Coming Through The Rye '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Coming Through The Rye '

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On April 28th, I went to see “Coming Through the Rye” alone at the 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival, at Edwards Big Newport 6. While I was there, a man, Daniel C. Tsang, with a lanyard labeled “Press,” seating two seats away from me started talking to me about some Asian filmmakers he interviewed at the Asian Film Festival that was happening around that time and other movie-related discussion. After the movie ended, he offered me a ride back home, and discussed on his past interviews and Asian films that he has seen. Personally, this felt like a random occurrence, and what’s more interesting is that he turned out to be a UCI staff. In what seemed like a perfect opportunity, due to his background knowledge, I asked him if I could interview him, to which he quickly complied.
Daniel C. Tsang is from Hong Kong, and he is currently a data librarian at UCI Langson Library. He also interviews some Asian filmmakers in film festivals, and posts them on his Subversities blog. Back in the 1950s, he has lived in Hong Kong by the time he was in his teens and in middle school. Back in those days, he would usually see movies with some of his classmates and best friends. He would often go see at least one movie per week, and also kept a list of films he saw. Sometimes when his father dropped him to go to church, he actually skipped Sunday school, sneak into Sunday theaters and watch cartoons such as Bugs Bunny.
When he went to go see movies in theaters, movie theaters had assigned seats, and the theater he went to also had a dress circle upstairs. He could not remember what the ticket prices were, but ironically the dress circle seats were more expensive than the ones on the ground floor. Since Hong Kong was under the British system, the British...

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...wn the aisle, and it was the moment when he truly felt nostalgic about Hong Kong films, and also the Western adaptations of Hong Kong. Other celebrities he was interested seeing on screen comprised of mainly traditional British actors such as John Gielgud and Peter Sellers. With this, Daniel noticed that more stage actors were becoming movie people at that time.
The important element of movies Daniel noticed was that the narrative structure were very prominent. Those days, it was more like telling stories in traditional ways. Gradually, movies were trying to do experimental things, like flashback, to subvert the usual structure. Moviegoing experience was essentially a family experience for Daniel, and also a group experience. Experience is one of the main reasons that he really enjoyed and also why he loved to go and see movies many times, as a way to escape reality.

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