Analysis Of The Movie ' Cinderella Like Tales ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Movie ' Cinderella Like Tales ' Essay example

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Research Based Analysis
Cinderella-like tales has become a staple of the Disney movie lineup. That may explain the overwhelming popularity of these themes. The influences of these innocuous movies has a profound effect on people. Yet Disney admits there is very little marketing strategy behind their products. However, Feminist and author, Peggy Orenstein demonstrates that companies like Disney stereotype and market to little girls. The idea that a “Princess Culture” has corrupted the Cinderella fairytale is used by marketing to increase consumerism, regardless of its effects on girls.
Conceivably, one reason for the increasing popularity of Cinderella-like tales comes from false expectations of the viewers. Jean Twenge Ph. D., a psychologist from San Diego State University uses the phrase “Generation Me” to refer to people born in the ‘70s through the ‘90s. The idea that encouraging kids to believe in their dreams, as to refrain from damaging fragile egos and cause low self-worth is what Twenge says has backfired leading to a new generation of people with false expectations. Equally important, these false expectations is what Twenge says will lead to “narcissism and entitlement” (102). Correspondingly, everyone from parents to Disney now encourage kids to believe in their dreams, but without a direct path for success many kids now think “magically” they can accomplish just about anything as long as they believe they can. Similar to Cinderella-like fairytales where once the plot thickens magical interventions happen in order to see the princess succeed.
False expectations will cause a person to act out of character. Philip G. Zimbardo, professor and author of "The Stanford Prison Experiment" proves that the situation and envir...

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...). Frozen still clings to an absent mother figure and a prince as Cinderella-like fairy tales do (Panttaja ). However, the protagonist Elsa has her own powers so the absent mother no longer “plays a central part” and having your own power can imply the need for responsibility (Panttaja). Twenge would be glad to know Elsa’s character learns and later demonstrates responsibility (Buck and Lee). Moreover, Zimbardo and Milgram have proven outside influences can bring about change, so the guiding light of media for Twenge’s Generation Me and future generations have hope to regain self-worth.
(Put this at the end of the Conclusion) Having seen that Disney has purchased the rights to Marvel Comics one wonders if there will be a “Prince Culture” that worsens violence, increases hyper-masculinity, and has boys thinking they need a large weapon to bring a happily-ever-after.

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