Analysis Of The Movie ' Cedar Rapids ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Cedar Rapids ' Essay

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Insurance is a subject that not everyone wants to talk about because it’s something that only gets brought up when they have an incident that happens to them or they might just not know enough about it. The insurance business is a huge business, which many people don’t realize that the top richest companies are all insurance companies. It is an interesting industry that not enough people know a whole lot about and through watching the film “Cedar Rapids”, you get some accurate depictions on the inside of the industry through an insurance agent’s and even though it’s not shown, an insurance broker’s point of view. Throughout this film there were some interesting points that many people might not be able to tell, but some are accurate in the insurance agent/broker life and some not. The film “Cedar Rapids” encompasses several ideas that are in the insurance industry like how agents/brokers care about their clients, the social aspects of the industry and the lifestyle of an agent/broker.
At the beginning of this film Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) is an insurance agent out of the small town Brown Valley, Wisconsin. The reason he started selling insurance is because he wanted to help protect people’s dreams. There are a lot of insurance agents/brokers who come into this industry to help others and protect their investments, but many people that join this industry actually just fall into it by chance (Giambalvo). Many agents/brokers never thought of being in the insurance business since most of them had completely opposite degrees in college for example English degrees and even history degrees. Once they learned more about this business they actually enjoyed it and get to help other people in the process. Tim Lippe is shown with his c...

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... So why does knowing all this matter? It shows you a side of the insurance business from a different point of view that not a whole lot of people knew about. It shows how hard an insurance agent or broker has to work to stay in business and keep clients and attract new clients. It is a brutal business since sometimes you will lose clients in which it really hurts you financially, but it can also be beneficial to you since you basically make your own salary based on how hard you work. The film “Cedar Rapids” encompasses several ideas that are in the insurance industry like how agents/brokers care about their clients, the social aspects of the industry and the lifestyle of an agent/broker. This was a very well put together film to show what an insurance agent has to go through and even with the comedy side had some great accuracy to the real life insurance agents.

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