Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Blood Simple '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Blood Simple '

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One of the main ways that movies are constructed is following the form of ‘Classical Hollywood Cinema’, as Bordwell and Tompson call it. This form consists of four areas; a main struggle between characters, manipulation of time, different audience perspective, and a sense of closure at the end of the movie. Blood Simple is one movie in particular that follows this form nearly to a tee. It gives a main struggle between Ray and Marty, or Ray and the detective, along with various other smaller side struggles between the different characters. The film forwards through time to tell the story faster, along with giving the audience info that the characters don’t know, sometimes until the end of the movie. Lastly, the movie provides definite closure, with the death of every major character except Abbey.
The main trope of a “Classical Hollywood Cinema” is the presence of a main struggle between our two characters Ray and Marty. We learn much about this struggle from narration and mise-en-scene. We jump into the struggle in the middle of it, with Marty, our main counterforce correctly suspecting that his girlfriend, Abbey, is cheating on him with one of his employees, Ray, the protagonist. He then hires a private detective to hill Abbey and Ray, which begins the real struggle between the characters. The detective instead provides fake proof of their killing, and instead shoots Julian in the chest, and Ray walks in sometime after this happens. This begins the second struggle between the two characters, as our main protagonist Ray feels he must counterforce’s death, which he believes his lover Abbey did. Later, we find our protagonist with a barely alive Julian, struggling to figure out how he is going to finish him off. Here, mise-en-scene ...

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...orms of “Classical Hollywood Cinema” by providing a sense of closure at the end. In this particular film, it doesn’t leave much up to question, as 3 out of the 4 characters are dead, which is an interesting but effective narrative choice. Even as the last fire was shot, the music and cinematography take the audience to an even higher state of suspense, as these two techniques rise towards the climax of the movie.
Blood Simple follows the form of Classical Holly Cinema nearly to a tee, with its specific examples of all four tropes. It does this tastefully though, and manages to keep a high level of tension throughout the movie, leading up to the final scene with Ray and the Detective’s death. Even though it may be seen as an easy way out to blindly follow the tropes of Classical Hollywood Cinema, Blood Simple is a perfect example of how they can be used effectively.

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