Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Before Pixar With Toy '

Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Before Pixar With Toy '

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Before Pixar with Toy Story in 1995, most animated movies follow the convenient pattern with the goal to reach the happy ending and please the children. Inside Out in 2015 is another example by Pixar of not just extending its viewers from children to adults with a profound story, but also engaging in one of the headache topics in society: depression. Although the story has a happy ending, this happiness is the result of the dramatic fight and loss. Furthermore, just flip the story for a moment to see the other side of the spectrum. What if Joy cannot determine and be stuck in the void? Sadly, unlike in the movie, that is what usually happen in real life.
Switching the negative moods into the positive ones is not as easy in real life as in the animated movies. According to WHO, there is an estimated 350 million people all ages suffer from depression. This number is more than the population of the U.S. One of the common confusions is the difference between just feeling depressed and having depression. It is normal to feel “blue” from time to time. Having an argument, losing a job, or even a cloudy or rainy day can turn a pink day into a blue day. Sometimes, it just pops up without any trigger, but as easy as it comes, these daily feelings just disappear. Although the language we use to describe the common negative moods and depression is similar, depression is more complex and can linger for at least two weeks. Its symptoms, according to National Institution of Mental Health, are negative moods, loss of interest and energy, feeling worthless, low concentration, insomnia or hypersomnia, changes in appetite, and frequent thought of suicide
In terms of individual level, depression has a negative impact on heart and brain, which leads...

... middle of paper ... while time spent on Facebook and Twitter is wasted compared to when spending on LinkedIn hides its side effect. Although LinkedIn provides job opportunity as well as connection and motivation from the peers’ messages of congratulation, like nonprofessional networking, comparison is evitable. Additionally, searching for jobs offer and waiting for response, building their professional profile are sources of depression.
It is a myth that depression just happens to middle age or older people. The studies with social media networking do not just correct this misconception, but also warn a serious phenomenon. Teenagers and young adults, with many pressure from modern society are also potential targets of depression. Although the war against depression is easier said than done, knowing the cause of it is an important step for adjustment, treatment as well as avoidance.

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