Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Attendance At The Local Movie Theaters '

Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Attendance At The Local Movie Theaters '

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Attendance at the local movie theaters is still a main source of revenue for the motion picture industry. Production companies are spitting out movies on a constant basis to push return customers to the theater. There are many non-data factors that can make a movie successful. Relevance, star power, cinematography (technical effects), adaptations and how the critics rate the movie are just a few of the factors that can help a movie become successful. Production companies then look at the financial data to see if the project is to be considered a successful. Production companies use gross sales for opening weekend, total gross sales, the amount of theaters the movie is offered in and the number of weeks in theaters as measurable. An average of 300 to 400 movies are produced every year, reviewing this much data would be very time consuming and by analyzing a portion of the movies data we can come to the conclusion of the success of each project. We will review a random sample size of 100 movies. This sample will include the before mentioned financial points as key indicators
Gross Sales for the Opening Weekend and Total Gross
The 100 movies used had a total of $ 2,486,247,745 collected on the opening weekend. The overall gross revenue was $8,509,652,684 for a total of 1,409 weeks in theaters. As you can see that 29% of all revenue was collected in the first 3 days out of 9863. The mean average weekend income per movie was $24,862,477 compared to $85,096,526 for the entire time all movies were in theaters. The median for the opening weekend was $74,566 compared to the overall median of $1,971,006. A reduction from .0079 to .0023% showing the closing of the gap as time went on. The standard deviation for the first weekend ...

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...oes not.

The provided by the 100 movie sample provides information that is usable to movie executives and distribution companies. Two out of the three correlations show positive trendlines. The numbers of weeks open in not a key indicator that shows an importance to the success of the films. The bigger budget films seem to have a distinct advantage to the overall revenue a film makes. The numerical data provided shows that the smaller/independent studios are at a disadvantage but it does not mean that the movie will not be successful. They might need to focus on different avenues to get the film promoted but it can be done. The trend continues to show that if they make a product of value to its target marketing group it will be successful. The information delivered in this presentation validates the industries strategic delivery of each movie.

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