Analysis Of The Movie ' American Dreamz ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' American Dreamz ' Essay

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American Dreamz
“Imagine a country where the president never reads the newspaper, where the government goes to war for all the wrong reasons, and more people vote for a pop idol than their next president (Breznican )”. In American Dreamz a political and entertainment satirical movie, Paul Weitz paints a grim picture of the American society. The movie was produced against the backdrop of the bush administration and the corruption in the entertainment industry, particularly the American idol.
The film ‘American Dreamz’ reveals American culture in the twenty first century in a number of ways.
One of the cultural attributes revealed was the competitive nature of Americans. “With this mentality Americans are more likely to accomplish impressive feats and to earn the respect of others. The competitive mindset also fills life with meaning” (Ott 526). This movie was originally created to satire one of the prominent TV programs of that time, the ‘American idol’. It was a singing competition with a great deal of viewership. So every young and aspiring musician’s wanted to take part in that competition. It’s therefore no wonder Sally Kendo, “a countrified bumpkin with a diva 's ambition” (Ramsey), who was lucky to be selected to participate in the competition, could do anything in her power to win. First, she ditched her boyfriend in the most heartless way. “Willie? I think it’s time we broke up” (American dreamz). This she said after her boyfriend, Willie had encouraged her and broke a good news to her – that he had just been promoted. That was sad and heartless. She didn’t just stop there, but went on to sleep with Martin Tweed, the host of American Dreamz. Competitiveness is not bad, but when it is at all cost, it becomes demonic. While S...

... middle of paper ... into being as a result of political spectacle (Farrar and Jamie) prevalent at that time. He felt, it was more like a political theater rather than an honest political process. Therefore he used this film to express his dissatisfaction. Many people were angry about his policies and the Iraq war. I wouldn’t attempt to take sides as regards the debate on the soundness of his policies. However, this movie highlights the fact that the rich and powerful sets the stage for whomever they want to be president and makes it look like a free and fair process.
American Dreamz is a movie that shed light on some areas of American culture. Some of the areas highlighted needs sober reflection others an applause of admiration. It will always be remembered however, as a movie both satirical and comical, lending its voice, though exaggeratedly, to change the society by speaking out.

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