Analysis Of The Movie ' Amelie ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Amelie ' Essay

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Many refer to France as one of the most romantic countries in the world; even the slur “French kiss” embodies the amour of French culture. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet successfully captures this passion in the film Amélie, the story of a peculiar Parisian girl, played by Audrey Tautou, who positively changes the lives of those around her in the midst of pursuing love. The three main colors of the film are a combination of red, green, and blue, and this RGB color model is commonly known as the primary colors of the spectrum, which are used to create brand-new colors. Since colors play such a pivotal role in our visual experiences, a common motif that is seen throughout the film is the manipulation of colors through different hues and saturations in order to encapsulate the characters’ emotions.
Red represents passion and love, and is first noticeable in the beginning of the film when the rambunctious Amélie delights herself with raspberries by eating them off her fingers. The montage of childhood scenes showcase Amélie’s youthfulness through the color red, and this hue is continuously used throughout the film as a symbol of her vitality. Even as Amélie is growing up, her home has always been excessively red, with her red sofa, red painted walls, and red pet fish. Her red “neurasthenic and suicidal” pet fish would jump out of its bowl at every chance it could get, and this is a symbolic gesture of Amélie’s curiosity pushing the boundaries of her confinement. As the hackneyed phrase goes, “Home is where the heart is” and this is a reflection of Amélie’s soul which is that of a childlike heart. Many characters in the film are also found donning red clothing or bright red lipstick, all of which are in the pursuit of love. By applying ...

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...r. Dufayel’s television is encased in wadding in order to protect himself, but the screen is blue. Whenever he watches television, he lives vicariously through those portrayed on the screen as he never sets foot outside of his apartment. Even though blue is only used a few times during the whole film, this characteristic is able to highlight the meaningful placement of certain objects in each scene and have them emanate a sense of bliss.
Amélie relies more on visual demonstration through colors since the locations are dull in real life are not able to capture the characters’ emotions. The film’s main colors of red, green, and blue are able to convey the characters’ feelings to the audience, whether it is to express Amélie’s juvenescence or her passion towards Nico. As a result of successfully manipulating the hues of the film, Amélie’s story is able to come to life.

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