Analysis Of The Movie ' Alpha Dog Emile Hirsch ' Essay examples

Analysis Of The Movie ' Alpha Dog Emile Hirsch ' Essay examples

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In the 2006 hit movie Alpha Dog Emile Hirsch plays the role of a young marijuana dealer named Johnny Truelove. Supplied by his father Sonny, Johnny distributed marijuana to buyers with the help of his closest friends . This act of deviancy gave him power and authority over the people In his life. Even so much authority that he could have someone killed by just a simple request. Throughout the film there were many characters that played a critical role in the kidnapping and murder of Zack Mazursky. However Johnny 's character stands out the most to me mainly because even though his criminal behavior prevailed he portrayed both delinquent and charismatic acts throughout the film. What was even more intriguing to me was how his character continued to show signs of improvement and then rapid decline as if he were in a tug of war with two versions of himself. Unfortunately he succumbs to his poor decision making and refuses to call off the killing of Zack, an innocent young man. When referring to Aker 's Theory of Social Learning Johnny 's character portrays the overall theory perfectly. He 's young, naïve and unaware of his actions. Easily influences by the wrong people he lives a life on the edge. With that being said I 'm strongly convinced Johnny 's life style, choice of friends and lack of proper parental guidance and structure had everything to do with out come of the movie.

There are four variables that help better understand Aker 's Theory; differential association, imitation, definition, and reinforcement. These four variables help better understand Johnny 's criminal behavior throughout the film. First we look at the theory of Differential Association. Right away the word association stands out to me. To me being assoc...

... middle of paper ...

...his wrongful actions were much greater than his possible punishment.

In conclusion I think that the movie was amazing. It captured every detail of an sad reality people face each day in America. The murder of Zack Mazursky was the only reasonable outcome for those trouble teens because they couldn 't bare the thought of going to jail. In the film crime is portrayed as a fun life style fueled by parties and bad decisions. Minor crime laid the foundation down for further more serious crime such as the final result of the movie being the murder of Zack. The movie itself says a lot about the influence one 's surroundings has on a individual. Specific behavior is something that is learned through observation. (Miller, et al., 2015 p. 102) Johnny best attribute was his mental toughness. The tittle Alpha Dog reflected upon his character as a leader among his friends.

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