Analysis Of The Movie ' Agent ' F ' Essays

Analysis Of The Movie ' Agent ' F ' Essays

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After Agent 'F ' parked the car there was a buzz from the back doors as they unlocked. “This way please?” Agent 'C ' told him as the two Agents and Sam got out of the car into the dark night. “Here we are Mr. Williams.” Agent 'F ' told him as Sam looked around. He couldn 't see much in the dark countryside. It was a small county or city type airport which was out in a sparsely populated area with a lot of trees all around the airfield, which had only a single runway. The small terminal building had only one other car parked there. Where they were, Sam could only guess. Looking down at his watch, he saw it had been a forty-seven minute drive from his home. Since the car had darkly tinted side and rear windows, and a blacked out Chauffeur 's Window between the back and the front seat, Sam had been unable to see outside of the car during the trip so he had no realistic idea of which way they had traveled nor where they were now.
Agent 'F ' started walking toward the Terminal as Agent 'C ' motion with his hand for Sam to follow the first Agent. When Agent 'F ' reached the door to the Terminal, he opened it and held it so Sam and Agent 'C ' could enter. Agent 'F ' entered last and walked across the room to an unmarked door where he then entered a five digit security code on the keypad next to the door. When the door buzzed open, Agent 'F ' again opened and held the door for the three of them to enter into the unmarked office 's waiting room. Agent 'C ' then walked out of the waiting room through the other door in the room and closed it behind him.
Sam was now starting to feel uneasy about his present situation. “Is this where you interrogate me?” Sam asked half seriously.
“You have this all wrong.” Agent 'F ' told him as the...

... middle of paper ... some nameless high level government official who just finished chewing him out for something his Agents did or didn 't do. She could sense his fear of accidentally offending some politician. He had several fears even though he would never admit it. “They also knew they were wrong to dismiss you, especially after your great work on the west coast Ghost Gang bank robberies. The awards you were given because of you and your team 's success were not for no reason.” She had explained to him with confidence, trying to boost his.
Being recalled was a good, but scary feeling. It was scary because first, his team had received the highest civilian award possible. Then the very next day the awards were revoked and the Agents, his very best Agents, were fired. How could a 'Grateful Government ' treat it 's heroes so horribly? Would they do that to him now on this assignment?

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