Analysis Of The Movie ' Afternoon Tea ' And ' Some Other Kind Of Happiness '

Analysis Of The Movie ' Afternoon Tea ' And ' Some Other Kind Of Happiness '

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Amina Gautier has been awarded with Best African American Fiction and New Stories from the South; in addition, she has successfully created At Risk. Gautier’s story is based on the African American community and the different types of struggle families can realistically face. However, if a white person would have written this exact story it could have been misinterpreted and considered racist. Stereotypes such as fathers not being present, delinquencies and educational status are presented in the various short stories.
“Boogiemen”, “Afternoon Tea” and “Some Other Kind of Happiness” are all examples of stories in which the father is not present. In “Boogiemen” promptly at the beginning the father abandons the family. The mother of the two young boys makes them aware of the importance of loving each other after they will have to become the new men of the house. “Afternoon Tea” after a women’s organization continuously focuses on the importance of becoming great women, ironically focuses on fathers supporting them at an event at the end. While the protagonist’s knowledge of her father is limited just a tall black man. Lastly, “Some Other Kind of Happiness” never even mentions the presence of a father. The stereotype of a missing father in a child’s life is continuously presented in several of the short stories and specifically the ones mentioned above. Amina as an African American author may easily be over looked because although they are fictional stories she can be speaking from what she’s experienced. However, if a white person would have written the short stories it could have be misinterpreted to him characterizing African Americans to often times not having the father present.
Stereotypes are used on all sorts of races an...

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...unless you try to prosper and remove yourself from that destiny. In addition, we have a similar story in which the girl already fell into the mistake and doesn’t even know how to love a child. Shows the struggle of an innocent child having to nurture a child.
Stereotypes are a touchy subject for any race and the person who demonstrates the stereotype can easily be misunderstood or offend those who they refer to. In conclusion, if a white person or anyone who is not African American would have written these stories people would assume they are being racist. A person will never understand or feel what a person has experienced because of their race unless they themselves are of that particular race. Therefore, repeatedly demonstrating these different families to not have a father, be a part of drugs or crimes and lack education can be offensive to those of that race.

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