Analysis of the Movie Across the Universe Essay

Analysis of the Movie Across the Universe Essay

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The 2007 film Across the Universe take place in the late sixties depicted how American society was affected by the Vietnam War. The film involves music by the Beatles which also portrays the revolutionary feeling of the time period. The movie follows a group of twenty something’s each affected differently by the changing times. The film portrays the Detroit riots, the draft for the Vietnam War- fifth avenue Vietnam peace parade and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
In the film it depicts the 1967 Detroit riots which broke out July of that summer due to racial tensions in the African American community. The riot lasted for five days with reports of notoriously brutal police force. In the film they show the city burning, people running for their lives and a little boy singing in the midst of all the chaos. By the Sunday of the riot the crowds began to fight back the police brutality and the city broke out in utter chaos with break-ins as well as the city burning. The governor was forced to call in the National Guard to attempt to regain control over the city, this only add...

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