Analysis Of ' The Metamorphosis ' By Franz Kafka Essay

Analysis Of ' The Metamorphosis ' By Franz Kafka Essay

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To Use the Figurative Language
The English language is filled with words that help convey meaning to stories without saying the actual meaning. These useful words are called figures of language and not only are they important in daily life, but they are a necessity in books and plays to deliver to the point home to the reader or make him on her laugh. The English language is an extremely complex and diverse collection of words. This is one of the many reasons why English is a worldwide language, because there are thousands of way to express a single thought.
In his story “The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka shows how a man named George, who was living an undesirable and mediocre life as a salesman turns into a hideous mutation. This is a metaphor since George was, in essence, a parasite to his family and to his society. The family drew largely from George’s income; however, this change turned him from a savior to a burden. Kafka wants to show how fickle society is. For example, turning into an insect is a terrifying thing to happen to any person and would naturally throw anybody into shock. In this story however, the family is not alarmed but is only disgusted at the mere thought of George turning into an insect. Kafka seems to want show how George As stated by Kafka, “The dreams reveals the reality, which conception lags behind. That is the horror of life—the terror of art. But now I must go home. (349)”
Society, in itself, is like a leaf in the wind; there is no steady opinion of what is acceptable and what is not. What may be accepted and loved today maybe hated the next day. This is especially true in Kafka’s case. Critic Joseph Epstein states, “So much torture, description of wounds, disorientation, sadomasochism, unexplained cru...

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...being selfish can ruin even the best of relationships. He does this by giving a human face to responsibility in Torvald and characterizing freedom and independence in Nora. It seems as if Ibsen wants to bring these two necessary parts of life into conflict. This is a personification of the struggles in life that we all face; we want to be free and do what we want but often times there are things that tie this side down like responsibility.
In conclusion, the utilization of figurative language has repeatedly helped the author show the reader how something can become a monster, not just by the actions of the monster, but words use to describe how vile it is. Sometimes a story, play, or musical cannot go on without using these tools. From time to time without these figures of language, to the reader the praise for all of the books would fall as silent as the grave.

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