Analysis of the Market Offer for Women’s Yoga Clothing of Lululemon Essay

Analysis of the Market Offer for Women’s Yoga Clothing of Lululemon Essay

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Executive summary
This report is aiming to analyse the special market offer “women’s yoga clothing” of Lululemon, what’s special about this product is that it is accounting for most of Lululemon Athletica’s sales.
Women’s and Girls’ Wear Manufacturing Industry is expected to gain about $589.6 million in 2013-14, a little drop by 3.9%. The major participators in this industry are:
• Nike, Inc.
• Reebok
• Adidas AG
Lululemon is a public company that founded in Vancouver in 1998, which now becomes a top athletic apparel company in the world, especially for women’s yoga clothing. Lululemon is affected by competitor and supplier forces from micro environment. Moreover, it is affected by technical and demographic force from macro environment. Lululemon offers various product that including the clothing and athletic accessories for different customers. In Lululemon’s 2013 annual report, it target at “sophisticated and educated woman who understands the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle” (Lululemon 10K, 2013). Lululemon’s strategy is providing various products to different custom...

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