Analysis Of The Many Assessments Taken Through Mymanagmentlab ( Robbins, 2008 ) Provided By Pearson

Analysis Of The Many Assessments Taken Through Mymanagmentlab ( Robbins, 2008 ) Provided By Pearson

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This paper discusses the results of the many assessments taken through MyManagmentlab (Robbins, 2008) provided by Pearson, PLC. Ms. Frederick discusses the some of the most significant findings as well as findings that reiterates her results described in her previous project 1 paper. She discusses how these tests can benefit her as an employee and a future manager as well as how the Holy Spirit has transformed her weakness into strengths that have given her many unique opportunities at work and in her life.

Step 1
What about me?
Though MyManagmentLab (Robbins, 2008), I learned that my personality remained unchanged, however it a surprise to find out that I scored low in sociable category and moderate in adaptable. Results from the first project revealed that I was an ISFJ; a personality that is described in Type Talk at Work (Kroeger, Thusen, & Rutledge, 2002), as being introverted and that I am not keen to change. Another contradiction from being an introvert, is that I find out that I was extremely amicable and reliable, which leads me to bring that I like working in groups and can be dependable to help members of my team.
I learned that I am motivated by organizations that have well defined plans for employees. I happen to agree with this result because as a "judger", I thrive on order and believe in organization (Kroeger et al, 2002). I did find out that I received a high score in calling orientation. I do believe that I view work as a way to express myself as well as expressing God through my work. I try to keep him at the center of all that I do, including my work and I take every opportunity to be an ambassador to His name.
I’ve found that I am not an easy decision maker. I avoid making decisions and find myself taking...

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... as being meticulous and focus on even the most menial of detail to provide me with opportunities to organize and put together events and projects at work. People view me as the their “go to lady” because they know I will have all the details of an event. They also know that I am patient and have no problem guiding and leading others in projects of this nature. Knowing that I devote much time to completion of tasks, the Lord has blessed me with the gift of loyalty and reliability. People in my life know that I will stick to a project or to event preparation until the very end, without complaints even when work can become frustrated or difficult.
I still have times of anxiety, and at times my weaknesses can feel as if they are overcoming me, but I find comfort in knowing that he has my weaknesses under control as long as I allow myself to let go and give them to Him.

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