Analysis Of The Life And Art Of Ernest Hemingway Essay

Analysis Of The Life And Art Of Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Donaldson, Scott. By Force of Will: The Life and Art of Ernest Hemingway. Lincoln: Inc., 2001. Print. 19 March 2015.
Donaldson’s publication syndicates Ernest Hemingway’s biography with literary criticism, and in doing so, delivers a sense of the foremost themes in Hemingway’s life, and work, by drawing on biographical material, extracts from Hemingway’s letters, and different works published fiction. I will be utilizing this source to further discuss and support Hemingway’s writing styles throughout A Farewell to Arms.
Hemingway, Ernest, Patrick Hemingway and Sean Hemingway. A Farewell to Arms. The Hemingway Library Edition. New York: Scribner: Reprint Edition, July 10, 2012. Print. 19 March 2015.
This is a primary source I will be focusing on.
Kobler, J. F. Ernest Hemingway, Journalist and Artist. Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press, 1985. Print. 19 March 2015.
In his 1968 publication, Kobler states that in the 1920’s, Ernest Hemingway engrossed himself into writing works of fiction, while forsaking his preceding success in journalism. Kobler summarizes Hemingway’s writing style as having “journalistic tendencies”; specifically, labeling him as a “recording device”, while regarding Hemingway as a creative fiction writer. Kobler goes on to confront wavering points of view, while affirming peculiarities in Hemingway’s writings. Kobler further investigates the use of dialogue, verb usage, and prenominal words to differentiate between different forms of writing utilized by Hemingway. Kobler closes by asking “Is he (Hemingway) a journalist, fiction writer, or a fiction writer with journalistic tendencies?” I will be using this source to further elaborate and expand on Hemingway 's word choice, and s...

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Szalay, Michael. "Inviolate Modernism: Hemingway, Stein, Tzara." Modern Language Quarterly: A Journal Of Literary History 56.4 (1995). Journal Article. 19 March 2015.
Szalay niceties Ernest Hemingway’s methodology concerning writing, and his yearning to produce something that is flourishing, as well as animated. Szalay elucidates that written individuality is dependent on every single word in a publication, and altering the text would change the uniqueness of the work. Szalay discusses Hemingway’s array of distressed characters and proposes he repeatedly writes about suffering characters as to ensure their word-based identities can surpass their human and confines and eternalize them in script. I will use this source to further explore and expand on Hemingway 's depiction of characters, as well as Hemingway 's usage of weather patterns in placement of emotion.

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