Essay on Analysis Of The Letter ' Name One Great

Essay on Analysis Of The Letter ' Name One Great

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This essay is a summary and analysis of the responses to the request: “Name one great (important, significant, successful) person and tell why they are great.” I interviewed ten individuals of various ages, backgrounds and religious beliefs. The age groups represented are from under 12 to over 60 and four are male and six are female. As discussed in class, life experience can contribute significantly to the way individuals view their surroundings and people in their lives. Therefore, the responses are summarized per the age group of the respondent with the respondents identified by initials.
Age Group: Over 60
The two respondents in the over 60 age group pointed to family members as the great people. Respondent DD stated his wife as the great person. He cited her as an inspiration to keep moving forward even when the situation is difficult and to never give up hope. Respondent LD pointed to her grandmother as her great person. She indicated her grandmother survived the Great Depression by working as a migrant worker in the fields to provide for her family. She instilled the values love of family and God, along with courage, as the backbone to the family. She taught her children and grandchildren to appreciate the simple things in life and not be persuaded by materialistic items.
Age Group: Over 40
The two respondents in the over 40 age group pointed to a family member and close family friend as the great people. Respondent MM cited her mother as her great person because she believed the importance of faith, demonstration through actions and non-judgement. Respondent MT indicated a close family friend as the great person due to her love of all people and sacrifice for the good of others. It is important to note that both...

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...t the two individuals that indicated they are very devout in their faiths responded with other people as their answer but felt it prudent to cite them as second to Jesus. Further research and analysis on this would be interesting.
The most surprising responses were from the children in this group. A daughter cited her father and his love, even when she behaves poorly, as the most important person to her. This is very similar to the relationship between God and his people. The youngest person responded the simplest yet the most profound. This child is from a household that speaks of Jesus but does not regularly attend church. This child, with the least life experience of the group, was able to determine that Jesus is the most significant person. The interesting part of his response is that he added Captain America, his favorite superhero, for safety reasons.

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