Analysis Of The Letter ' Letters From An American Farmer ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Letter ' Letters From An American Farmer ' Essay example

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Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur was a French born citizen who moved to New York and became a naturalized citizen of Great Britain. After living in America as a citizen for a while, Crevecoeur decided to write an essay titled “Letters from an American Farmer”. During this time, tensions in America between the colonists and loyalists were increasing, and because of this the idea of America as a sovereign nation and territory was becoming popular. Crevecoeur wrote this essay in order to discuss what it means to be an American, and why people should be honored to be called an American. Crevecoeur believes that America is a melting pot of the world, and is full of opportunities for anyone who lives there. In order to back up his claim, Crevecoeur uses rhetorical devices, especially pathos, while he does also use ethos and logos as well.
In the first section of the letter, Crevecoeur mainly appeals to pathos and logos. By appealing to pathos, Crevecoeur evokes emotion, specifically evoking a sense of pride. He also appeals to logos in order to show his reasoning and thoughts about why America is a better place to live than England. In the middle of the section, Crevecoeur says, “Can a wretch who wanders about, who works and starves, whose life is a continual scene of sore affliction or pinching penury; can that man call England or any other kingdom his country?”. By using language such as “wretch” and “sore affliction” to describe the life of a citizen in England, Crevecoeur describes just how awful and disgraceful it was to live as a citizen of England, or any country that mistreats and neglects its citizens. After Crevecoeur states and provides evidence for his claim, the reader begins to be persuaded into believing Crevecoeur. ...

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... nationality; American. This appeals to pathos because it evokes a sense of commonality between the reader and the author. This also creates a sense of pride, because it allows the reader to feel connected and good about what America has done and what is stands for.
Overall, Crevecoeur appeals mostly to pathos in his letter, while he also appeals less so to logos and ethos. By appealing so much to pathos, his letter focuses more on emotionally convincing and persuading the reader to accept his claim, rather than providing facts and logic to his argument. His combined use of logos and ethos also adds an aspect of logic and reason to his argument, as well as further showing his credibility and connection to the subject as the author. His use of the three rhetorical devices helps to bolster and support his claim, while also personalizing and connecting with the reader.

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