Analysis Of ' The Last Word ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Last Word ' Essay

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The advertisement on YouTube called The Last Word, is an eye opener for those who love to stay continually connected to social media. When keeping in touch with loved ones is so important that we find ourselves glancing down while driving we need to think twice. This video is quite persuasive in its approach by taking a happy family and showing it ripped apart by a simple, yet final act of texting, which utterly devastates the young son and his mother.
This advertisement depicts a young boy driving down the road with his mother. Signs of grieving are evident on his face as well as the face of his mother. Obviously something has happened to bring great distress into their lives. As the vehicle they are driving turns into the lane and comes to a stop, there is a sense in the air that something is amiss. Mother opens the car door for her little son and out steps the young boy, dressed up in his Sunday best. Bending down as though to bring courage to him, Mother gently straightens the collar back on his suit and tells him she is so proud of him. The young boy determinedly squares his shoulders and with a grimacing face walks toward the cemetery.
The following scene shows the young man carrying a casket with several men older than himself. He winces as though the load may be a little heavy, but mostly because he is trying to hold his emotions back. The obvious conclusion at this point in the commercial, points to the loss of someone very dear to his young heart. As the casket is laid to rest in the ground this young man is no longer able to keep a few tear drops from escaping and rolling down his cheeks. He stands gazing at the ground in front of him as though he cannot go on. His mother comes and stands behind him, an...

... middle of paper ... watching. Emotional stirring causing a change in behavior.
The logos appeal coming from this video is evident to the audience because it is truth based on stories most have heard for years. The chances of a serious car accident while texting and driving is known to be fatal so many times. News stories of young people, as well as adults, sending their last text just before crashing have been played out before us more than once. In our age of social media it is considered of great importance to constantly be aware of what is going on in the social online world. Many feel that they must stay tuned in to their electronics and do not turn them off or keep them away while driving, lest they miss some important data their peers have posted. Realizing safety should be first may help all of us think before we allow ourselves to get sidetracked in our cars.

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