Analysis Of The Joint Venture Of Haighs Chocolate And Cocoa Delights Essay

Analysis Of The Joint Venture Of Haighs Chocolate And Cocoa Delights Essay

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The analysis of the joint venture of Haighs chocolate and Cocoa Delights deems that the venture is mostly compatible with the marketing objectives of Cocoa Delights. A statement from the CEO declares the venture will be keeping with chair of the boards statement, "By 2015 I see Cocoa Delights with a significant presence in retail chocolate in every Australian capital city". Haighs chocolate has already set up a market in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne which will help with the expansion of Cocoa Delights. They already understand the markets in these 3 cities and have necessary contacts for essential services/ state government compliance issues. Therefore, Haighs connections with these markets will give Cocoa Delights and upper hand on penetrating them. These observations are compatible with the future marketing goals of Cocoa Delights ie. becoming a "national retail brand in 5 years". This joint venture also solves the issue of cutbacks on advertising during expansion. By advertising along side Haighs, Cocoa Delights will be able to expand and not cut back their advertising budget. Haighs and Cocoa Delights will be able to market in a complementary manner due to the type of products. Joining with Haighs will also give better access to customers as the chocolate will be sold in more locations. Although this venture is mostly compatible with Cocoa delights marketing objectives, their are some areas of worry. The association with a mass producer in the industry may negatively impact the "local" reputation of Cocoa Delights.
Although the marketing strategy is complimentary for both companies, there are some inconsistencies between the two which may result negatively for Cocoa Delights. For example, Haighs ...

... middle of paper ...

...e compliant way.

That is my completed analysis of Cocoa Delights marketing strategy. We have discussed their new joint marketing venture with Haighs chocolate and assessed compatibility, consistency, equipped and legal. I believe the venture will be successful as it correlates well underling all of these headings. The venture seems compatible with the direction of Cocoa Delights, it is consistent with their long-term and short-term objectives, a budget has been put in place so they can proceed, and Haighs believes everything should be legitimate as well. We also discussed the KPIs and a risk management strategy for Cocoa Delights. I believe the venture with Haigh 's will be helpful in achieving the targets set by Cocoa delights. By analysing the risks which could develop we are able to put a strategy in play in hopes that the issues are solved before they begin.

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