Analysis Of ' The Iliad ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Iliad ' Essay

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Violence Differences
An analysis of the three different types of violence shown in The Iliad.

What sort of violence do you show or see in your daily life? Everyday there is always someone or something that just makes you angry. Just like Achilles in the epic poem The Iliad. A quick background story of Achilles is when he was a young boy his mother dipped him into the River of Styx. All of him was totally immersed except his heel, which makes him invincible other than that one spot on his heel. Achilles was the strongest male fighter the Greeks had in their military, he knew it and they knew it. Without him fighting on their side against the Trojans they would lose. Well, Achilles is a very narrow minded man. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws a childish fit. This time a woman is what he wants, and when he doesn’t get her, and decides he isn’t going to fight anymore. So his best friend decided to fight for him and when he does, Hector an enemy, kills him. This enrages Achilles and he goes back out to battle to kill, especially to find and mutilate Hector. Now the epic poem The Iliad, isn’t just about the physical violence. There are also many, what you would call mental battles. The three most vital are linguistic violence, sexual violence, and psychological violence.
Linguistic violence is one of the most dominantly shown types of violence in the epic poem, The Iliad, by Homer. The definition of linguistic violence is someone who is using words to manipulate, influence, control, and/or trying to hurt another person. This violence is shown multiple times, an exa...

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.... Linguistic is the most dominantly shown, where everyone uses words to try and manipulate someone else. Sexual is second where the men use women, seeing them as their prize, and then not ever see those women again. Lastly there is psychological where the men have power over the women, calling them property, but in all actuality they don’t have as much power as they think they do. I have told you the three mental violence’s shown in this poem, but I kind of like the physical side of the poem as well. See we can relate to their battle side, with their armor, shield, and swords. Those are like our technology now, people hurt people with technology just like those men hurt others with their swords. We as youth cannot go anywhere without our “armor” or cell phones just like those can’t go out into battle without their armor. Now is technology a good thing or a bad thing?

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