Analysis Of `` The Help `` By Using Miss Skeeter 's Alienation Essays

Analysis Of `` The Help `` By Using Miss Skeeter 's Alienation Essays

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Can one person change the false societal assumptions about people of color in Jackson, Mississippi? In the novel "The Help" the Author uses Miss Skeeter 's alienation to demonstrate a 1960s societal assumptions about black people. When Miss Skeeter was outcasted she was able to realize that many white people wrongly accused black women of being carriers of "different diseases", of being unintelligent, and unable to conceive a white child.
During the early 1960 's, Jim Crow Laws were conclusively abolished and discrimination in public places was made illegal. This included the elimination of separate bathrooms for white and black people. Many Caucasians did not agree with this new rules, and they developed ways to get around them. In the novel “The Help,” Miss Hilly, a very influential white woman, pounded the idea of separate bathrooms for the help to her friend, Miss Leefolt. She called it the “Home Health Sanitation Initiative.” Her reason was that the help were black women who "[carried] different diseases than we do." Many white people in the community agreed with Miss Hilly’s initiative, except for the outcast Miss Skeeter. She had been alienated by her own race because she was sympathetic to the help and their struggles; due to this alienation, she was able to see how the "Home Health Sanitation Initiative," would negatively affect the help. Disgusted with the treatment of black maids in the South, Miss Skeeter decided to write a novel to expose this inequality to the rest of the nation. She enlists Aibileen, Miss Leefolt’s maid, who shared her stories involving Miss Leefolt 's white child, Mae Mobley, using the forbidden separate bathroom. Considering Mae Mobley used Aibileen 's bathroom and did not contract an illne...

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...oncluded that her white friends would judge her for allowing a black woman to attend the party.
The horrible tension between black and white people, caused by societal standards, was a topic that only became apparent to Miss Skeeter because of her alienation. In Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s white society looked down upon black people and believe that they were carriers of "different diseases", unintelligent, and unable to conceive a white child. Seeing that Miss Skeeter and the maids (the help) published “Help” some in the white society have become more aware of the mistreatment of colored people, and were able to understand that their assumptions towards black people were incorrect. The author brilliantly used Miss Skeeter’s alienation to show society 's preconceived notions toward black people in the 1960 's and how they were wrong about those assumptions.

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