Analysis Of ' The Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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Marc Locke
October 28, 2014
Professor Santos
A Moral Analysis of The Heart of Darkness
In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, characters are confronted with ethical dilemmas that transmute their observations and engagements. Marlow, the character the audience follows, is particularly affected by these dilemmas and is coerced to decide what is authentically right and what is erroneous. Conrad’s novel dares readers to sympathize with Marlow and endeavor to not only understand his actions, but contemplate what they would do in his given situation. Marlow’s meetings with both the savages of the Congo and Kurtz’s wife place him in a position of inner struggle. Marlow’s decisions are meticulously illuminated through both the normative systems of virtue ethics and consequentialism.
Marlow’s first conquest presents him to the population of African Americans in the Congo. Because of the way that Marlow has never experienced this crowd previously, he does not know how to cooperate with them or clarify their physical qualities. Case in point, when Marlow first sets his eyes on a gathering of African Americans he rapidly states, “You could see from afar the white of their eyeballs glistening. They shouted, sang; their bodies streamed with perspiration; they had faces like grotesque masks” (Conrad, 16). With only one look, Marlow is making generalizations about the whole African American populace. His cliché nature is seen again when a percentage of the locals are slouched under trees and he expresses that they are not foes or criminals, yet in any case he leaves as quick as he can as far from the indigenous as he can. Marlow does not know who these individuals are or what to consider them, yet that does not pardon his judgment a...

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...e of activity to help the poor passing on souls demonstrated that his choice was morally and ethically not right. Then again, when choosing to deceive Kurtz 's wife about his last words is easy to refute regarding morals. Is it true that he was immoral? He misled Kurtz 's wife to extra her the catastrophe of the life Kurtz 's inhabited at the Congo. At the point when taking a gander at it thusly, Marlow is acting in a decent way, yet the inverse could simply be said. On the off chance that anybody were to know Kurtz 's last words it ought to be his wife. Marlow, accepting he was doing the right things, detracted this right from her. This could without much of a stretch be contended to be ethically off beam. Thus, Marlow 's activity to mislead her is morally unbiased. In this manner, this is the way that virtue ethics and consequentialism, enlighten Marlow 's choices.

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