Analysis of the Guiness Trust LTD Business Plan Essay

Analysis of the Guiness Trust LTD Business Plan Essay

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For any successful business such as the Guinness Trust one needs to have a business plan, which normally comprises of a 5 year plan detailing their operating plans. The plan details where you are now, where you want to be and your plan for growth. In short this is a blue print of the steps needed to build any business. A business plan is often required to obtain monetary funds, whether from investors or local government. Potential investors will look at the strength of the plan before your business is considered for investment, they will be looking for a plan which indicates a healthy return of profit. With good business plans instilled, investors will want to join any successful business such as the Parchment Housing Group Ltd which joined as part of the Guinness Trust Group. This plan also helps to structure the financial side of any business, but essentially it helps to raise funds if required. The plan is not just for banks and investors but is a guide post for employees. It also demonstrates to people that you are worth supporting and communicates to staff and other interested parties in what direction you are heading. Guinness Trust Business plan stated how they were able to focus their efforts, set objectives, what its priorities are, stated their vision, what their core values are and set which way the company was heading. It also enabled it to set realistic targets that allow some flexibility without deviating away from their core objectives.
The Guinness trust have sound and comprehensive plans which includes the Strategic Plan , the five year action plan, environmental plan ,construction clients charter action plan and the national action plan. With these plans they are able to sustain a viable business which...

... middle of paper ...

... hardly in companies and nobody had ever heard of e-mails, let alone mobile phones, internet or the company intranet. Present Day companies need to be aware of the latest technologies to be able to stay in competition, and possibly improve their products. Lastly legal constraints which all though not part off the PEST analysis but is part of PESTLE and SLEPT analysis I feel its still just as important as the rest of the categories of PEST. Factors such as changes in law and regulations are such issues that companies need to be aware of and to anticipate in which changes may affect the way they perform.
Looking at the business plan of the Guinness Trust Ltd they have more than just covered the basic contents of a business plan when you read it, it leaves you in no doubt that they have covered every aspect that might be asked of them from any future investor.

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