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Double Standards in Different Generations
In the 1961 film Splendor in the Gras, Deanie Loomis has trouble deciding between being a "good girl" or "another kind of girl". She is torn between the two because "another kind of girl" aren 't respected and are a disgrace to the family. Her mother Frieda constantly reminds her that every man wants a good girl to marry. Deanie does what her mother tells her but she looses her boyfriend Bud Stamper after his father Ace tells him he needs "another kind of girl" to keep his mind on going to Yale and not marrying Deanie. Once Deanie sees what drove Bud to break up with her, she tries to become like classmate Juanita and Bud 's sister Ginny-- " a different kind of girl". But, it 's not very possible to be that type of girl in the late 1920 's- mid 1930 's because of the social double standards that women have to follow for their behavior.
These double standards for women behavior was all around the world. In China if you were a "different kind of girl" your family would completely disown you. That 's what happened in Maxine Hong Kingston 's essay "No name Woman". Her aunt, whose name shall never be named violated the norm for women. The aunt 's husband was gone and when he was gone the aunt winded up pregnant and everyone in the village knew it wasn 't her husband 's child. The author believes that her aunt was forced to commit adultery because she writes, "My aunt could not have been the lone romantic who gave up everything for sex.Women in the old China did not choose. Some man had commanded her to lie with him and be his secret evil. I wonder whether he masked himself when he joined the raid on her family"(386). Women can be forced to have sex with a man but the women are still at fault...

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...he woman doesn 't know the father. So, things have changed but because of religion or cultures those standards for women are still valued. I believe in the future this social double standard will no longer exist in the human psyche because of how much it has changed.
The thesis of Splendor in the Grass, is you have to take what life gives you, nothing is going to wind up perfectly the way you imagined it. At the end Deanie ends or marrying a good man she met when she was in the psychiatric hospital. That 's exactly what she wanted but she wanted and thought it was going to be Bud, her lover of high school. Bud wanted a sweet girl to help him with his ranch and wanted and thought it would be Deanie. But, it ends up being someone else who he marries and has children with when Deanie was gone. They get what they wanted but it 's not with who they wanted to be with.

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