Analysis Of The Fox 's ' The Fox ' Essay

Analysis Of The Fox 's ' The Fox ' Essay

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Much of the research concerning D.H. Lawrence’s The Fox has to do with the sexuality which the story contains. For instance, three of the articles specifically focus on homosexuality within The Fox, and the focus is largely male homosexuality, despite the more prominent relationship between March and Banford, two women living together and leading a domestic life. When discussing sexuality within the novella, many authors either largely ignored the interactions between March and Banford, or otherwise merely used them as a foil by which to examine male homosexuality and Henry’s connection to the fox. The fox’s tale as a phallic symbol was a feature of almost every source, though different author’s assigned to it different meanings. A common theme throughout the sources was to focus primarily on the relationship between March and Henry, or to mainly utilize critical analysis in connection with the development or construction of the two characters. Largely, the relationship between Banford and March, and, to an extent, Banford herself is made secondary in the critical discourse surrounding The Fox.
In the various examinations of March’s character, critics are often in disagreement about the characterization of March. For example, Judith Ruderman views the various changes made to March’s character as progressive evolution towards a character with a fair deal of agency and control over her life. Michael Squires, conversely, claims that the end of the novella represents Henry’s complete domination over March, and argues that, throughout the story, she truly is only a symbol of possession over which Banford and Henry must fight, given Henry’s jealous need for control. In both of these analyses, the role of Banford as something other th...

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... his aggression. He characterizes the way Henry courts March as a mark of his desire to conquer and acquire March as an object. Their relationship is grounded in a sense of competitive possession and a need for domination, rather than any genuine feeling. Banford is the obstacle to acquiring March which Henry must overcome, a sensation which is linked to the metaphor of the fox. The violence which Henry eventually commits against March and the fox also, for Squires, are connected to the muddled sexuality of the story, especially March’s sexuality. Her simultaneous fascination with and repulsion of the fox is stifled by its death, which represents Henry’s domination over March’s conflicting sexuality, removing from her any agency and instead placing her at the stagnant center of a story in which the other characters all scheme underhandedly to accomplish their goals.

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