Analysis Of The Founder Of Quick Trip Essay

Analysis Of The Founder Of Quick Trip Essay

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In 1957 Burt Holmes, the founder of Quick-Trip decided to open a convenient store called Bantam store in Oklahoma. One year later he convinced his junior high school classmate to invest in the business and rename the store Quick Trip. “When they stated they struggle but did not gave up after 4 years of hardship they complete their fiscal year with $1,090,008 (QuikTrip ). “They opened their first store outside of Tulsa, in Miami, Oklahoma on May 15 1964. In 1967 the company operates 43 stores with an annual sale of $5.5 million and 167 employees. In 1971 they merge with Shopeze, a Wichita- based convenience store chain. The merger increased QuikTrip from 67 to 97 stores. Store No. 58 became the first store to sell gasoline. In 1976 they became a 24-hour store which were opened 24/7. “This was a significant advantage over the competition as other chains were open on a scattered basis. In 1977 They introduced the first fast food module with the then-revolutionary idea of customers serving themselves. On August 13, 1978, they opened their 200th store in Raytown, Missouri. In 1991 they announce that they would unconditionally guarantee their gasoline. In 2008 Quick-Trip celebrates its 50th years by hosting a daylong festival for employees and customers in Tulsa that featured the hometown musical acts Hanson and Leon Russel. In 2013 they introduced a fresh, made-to-menu with the addition of QT kitchens full service counters. In 2014 they are named to Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to work for the 12th straight year. In 2014 they opened their 700th store in Overland, Missouri” ( Quick Trip).
Can you imagine driving 10 to 20 miles to get to a gas station. Sometimes we get so used to the life we have that it is almost impos...

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...f you can find the people who have that personality_ that ability to work hard and multitask and take care of customers_ that makes the training a whole lot easier”(………..).As an employee you must be able to count return change in your head without depending on the register. You must stop anything you are doing to help and check out customers. QT is know for their quick and friendly customer service. Their clercks are always fast and efficient.It is really hard to go to a QT and find a line. If you do it will not have more than 3 people in the line. They also can transfer easily from a register to another. Not many companies do that.Have you ever stand in line because someone was either looking for their card or their change and they are taking forever. In that case at QT the cleck would just jump to the other register wich is next to him and do help the next customer

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