Essay on Analysis of the First Chinese Civil War

Essay on Analysis of the First Chinese Civil War

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The revolution in China of 1911, led to the fall of the Manchu dynasty. The result was that the newly formed Republic failed to control China and could not prevent China from being exploited by foreign powers. To restore order and regain central control over China, the nationalists and communists first worked together. Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the nationalist forces, was anti-communist and removed communists from key positions in unified party. Chiang Kai-shek then went on to attack the communists in Shanghai 1927. This split between the communists and the nationalists led to the Chinese Civil War. The Chinese Civil War (1927-37 & 1946-49) was fought between the Communist Party of China (CCP) and the Republic of China led by the Kuomintang (KMT). The Civil War was won by the CCP because of their strengths and successes under the leadership of Mao, such as the supporting of 3 million peasants in Jiangxi, and the mistakes and weaknesses of the KMT, in particular Chiang Kai-shek’s lacking leadership skills. The decisive outcome of the Civil War was leadership between the KMT and the CCP.

The outcome of the Civil War was won by the strengths and successes of CCP in particularly during the Second Civil War under Mao’s leadership. The outcome of the Civil War would not have been won by the CCP if it weren’t for the leadership of Mao, however, the first civil war was not as successful. To have advantage Mao forged strong bonds with 3 million peasants in Jiangxi with the CCP. This led up to the peasants responding well to the peasant-based revolutionary program increasing the amount in the military and making the guerilla warfare possible for the CCP. The KMT had the opposite effect. Where as Mao states that “The peasants are the sea...

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...tbreak of the Civil War because of Chiang Kai-shek and his soldiers. Chiang Kai-shek’s lacked leadership skills, which were, demonstrated when he refused to form a coalition, against the wishes of the USA, and demobilized 1.5 million troops. The lack of leadership was also the outcome of badly organized and motivated KMT soldiers, which led to them slowly losing ground and resources to leader Mao. KMT remained sponsored by the USA when Chiang Kai-shek lost his nerve and fled China. This was the result of complete loss of nationalist credentials.

The Sino-Japanese War, 1931-45, left a big impact both on KMT and CCP. Mao took advantage of the situation and gained support by the locals as a leader and was recovered, planned and prepared by that time. Mao had improved his leadership skills compared to the First Civil War, however, Chiang Kai-shek kept on failing.

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