Analysis Of The Film ' Sankofa ' Essay

Analysis Of The Film ' Sankofa ' Essay

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To begin, throughout slavery slaves were forced to endure tremendous amounts of psychological/emotional trauma. Psychological/emotional trauma can be defined as the heavy amounts of stress that the slaves were forced to experience due to the harsh reality of the slave lifestyle. The psychological/emotional trauma caused slaves to negatively change their perspective on life and their overall way of thinking. This is illustrated in the film Sankofa, when the film excellently portrays the differences between the two save classes: field slaves and house slaves. In the movie Sankofa the field slaves have a strong dislike for the house slaves, because the house slaves received many luxuries that the field slaves didn’t. These luxuries included having nice clothing, residing in the master’s house, and eating home cooked meals every day. Therefore, because of the field slaves dislike towards the house slaves; the house slaves were typically ostracized amongst members of the field slave community.
Also, it was viewed as taboo for a house slave to frequently interact with a field slave and vice versa. For example, in the movie Sankofa Shola had to sneak and give Shango food; this act is forbidden in the slave community because a house slave should never give a field slave anything especially a luxury such as good food. Also, when field slaves such as Nunu held meetings with other members of the field slave community, instead of joining the meetings Shola had to look from a distance and eavesdrop, because to the field slaves she was viewed an outsider and therefore “not one of them”. This is an example of psychological/emotional trauma because the separation of field slaves and house slaves within the slave community was a way for whites to...

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...ychological/emotional trauma. Due to the fact that, slaves were unaware about why they were on the ships and where they were going; this constant uncertainty and unfamiliarity caused many slaves on the ships to ultimately become depressed. Some slaves would react to this state of depression by rebelling. Some slaves would rebel by attempting to kill the whites aboard the slave ships, in efforts to hijack the ship and eventually escape; while other slaves rebelled by committing suicide.
In summation, from the plethora of concrete examples that I have given it is easy and clear for one to infer that the psychological/emotional trauma that the slaves endured was far more tragic and had an overall greater effect than the physical trauma that the slaves endured. Because physical pain eventually heals, but psychological/emotional trauma can in many cases last a lifetime.

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