Analysis Of ' The Film ' Of Casablanca ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Film ' Of Casablanca ' Essay

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During the film of Casablanca there was many occasions where each character had a connection with the other. The entire film seemed to be about a man who is going through multiple complications of reality consequences without informing and information towards his loved one. As you can see in the movie Rick is trying to solve and corporate with as many unideal situations for the sake of keeping his partner llsa safe and unaware from the events at all times. The Films shows motivation between him trying to do whats best for him and Llsa who is the partner of rick shows a high trait of curiosity and awareness. Rick is also a character who moves in and out of hard shadows, often within a frame by himself. At this time, he is concealing his broken heart by acting as a staunch isolationist, both emotionally and politically. During the flashback to Paris, however, Curtiz presents Rick in a much softer light, as if Ilsa 's inner beauty has softened him as well. By the end of the film, Ilsa and Rick say goodbye from inside a milky fog, and as soon as she is gone, Rick and Renault walk off into the soft moonlight together. The lighting represents Rick 's transition from hardened cynic to self-sacrificing patriot. Rick is a character who makes sacrifice and that’s what soldiers in WWII had to do because it was right and it protected those who needed it.

What people don’t understand is during the The second war Before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took a non-interventionist stance on World War II, preferring not to choose sides in order to keep the country out of war. Many were angered by FDR 's decision to sit back and allow the spread of fascism in Europe, and it started to become clear...

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...rtiz, who was something of a pioneer in camera techniques, added much of the necessary dynamic action to the film, brilliantly handling the refugee crowd scenes and the violent opening street scene that sets the mood of the film and makes it clear what a dangerous place Casablanca is

The characters show that Casablanca, seems to have been a triumph of art produced by a combination of luck, coincidence, and meticulous attention to small details. Coming from today degenerating films, Casablanca has become of the few great films that no one talks seriously about, Especially because it makes an impact for inexperienced people who hasn’t dealt with the second war age. Its bring a motivating excitement in the audience and shows communication between the years of 1930 's. The writer shows an effort to include how we must understand what they are going through.

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