Analysis Of The Film ' Miss Representation Movie ' By Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Analysis Of The Film ' Miss Representation Movie ' By Jennifer Siebel Newsom

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Women In Modern Society
In Miss Representation movie, Jennifer Siebel Newsom determined how the society and media affected to women these days. There are many countries which judge women that they are not important in society such as Vietnam, China, and even the United States. The media play an important role in society because it helps us to receive the news every day and entertains. But, the ways media portrayed are completely making the negative effects for women. People usually use the media to illustrate that women are weak and they should not be in the same level with men. Also, women couldn’t get into the high position in government because nobody would listen to them. Jennifer Siebel Newsom made this move because she was fearful that her unborn daughter will grow up in the society which unequal to women. She decided to make this documentary movie to illustrate how men and women aren’t seen as equals in the political field, media, and also the society. To do that, Jennifer and the filmmakers use many methods like using famous’ people comments, analyze the data, and interviews the victims.
First method which the filmmakers use in this documentary movie is asking the famous people in different field. Throughout the movie, there are many famous people try to talk about the gender stereotype problem and also the way to fix it. According Jane Fonda, “The
Tran 2
hypersexualization that occurs in Hollywood, it is toxic and there’s no question. It affects all of us including young girls who are seeking identity” (Fonda, Miss Representation). She is an actor who win Academy Award winning Actor and Activist. After this comments, the filmmakers change the background to the Hollywood movie scenes which describes women as sex toys. A...

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...esentation). Besides the political power, they also cast students about the gender stereotype. Jean Kilbourne, who is high school student stated that “No matter what else women does and no matter what else her achievement, their values still depend on how they

Tran 4
look.”(Jean Kilbourne, Miss Representation). As a result, filmmakers interviews many kinds of people in this documentary movie.
In conclusion, the filmmakers use some method to show how women get treated badly in society like using famous people’s comments, analyze the date, and interviews the normal people. With these idea, they can show the strong evidence to the watchers about how women live in this society these days. Women should rebel as soon as possible because men will take control the whole society if nothing has changed. As a young people, teenagers should do something before it is too late.

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