Essay on Analysis Of The Film ' Garden State '

Essay on Analysis Of The Film ' Garden State '

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The film "Garden State" is an eccentric drama; in addition, a romance comedy, with a slew of complex, innate cast of characters, each deeply entrenched in profound emotional and psychological scars, ascending from the regrets of their past. The film is a reflection, on rediscovering yourself after years of goalless ambiguity. Writer/Director Zach Braff, stars as the films’ chief character, Andrew Largeman. In James Berardinelli’s movie review, he said: “Garden State is one of those movies that fails to stay with the viewer for an extended period of time. It 's a forgettable film featuring a throw-away story with unmemorable characters and unremarkable performances.” I must disagree; although "Garden State" can be a tad somber, moody and too subtle for many viewers. Yet, the film is fantastically intriguing, by arousing viewers thoughts, and stimulating ones emotions, and that 's exactly what draws viewers in. Since the storyline requires viewers to dig deeper into the subtle undertones and symbolisms depicted throughout the entire film. Dustin Putman’s review concurs, when he said: "Garden State is a beaming unforgettable little masterpiece, creatively alive and emotionally intimate at the same time.” (Putman)
With a diverse, eclectic cast of characters in this film, many viewers will quickly identify themselves to the trials and tribulations in the film. As a result, viewers will cogitate back to parallel epoch. Thus, recall with familiarity to each of the characters personality idiosyncrasies, and the deep embedded undertones depicted. The characters in this film that stand out prominently to myself, as a viewer are, Andrew’s father, Gideon (Ian Holm), who blames Andrew for the bathtub suicide of the mother. Consequently, Gideo...

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...d for a specific age-related target audience, there are several characters throughout the entire film that viewers can relate to. Therefore that in return keeps the viewer exceedingly intrigued, interested, and ultimately, entertained. Consequently, as a viewer the most prolific symbolism in the entire film being the metaphoric infinite abyss. As a viewer, the infinite abyss represents life in general, the meaning of life. Life can be a deep dark bottomless pit. One can either succumb to it, as it swallows you up and takes you down, or one can prefer to stand at the top and scream down at it in defiance, and create your own paths in life, and fill that abyss with meaning, purpose, friendships, family, happiness and love. Therefore, as soon as you alter the manner you view the world, you transform everything that happens to you within it. Life is just a state of mind!

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