Analysis Of The Film ' Frequency ' Was Found On National Newspaper Core '

Analysis Of The Film ' Frequency ' Was Found On National Newspaper Core '

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The review for the film “Frequency” was found on National Newspaper Core. This is a newspaper source with an online access to some of the most respective newspapers like: “New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.” They post a lot of things such as the current events around the world, locally and up to date information on businesses and movies, finances and the stock market. They have a large range of information published in these papers. The author relates emotionally being touched by the feelings of a father and son, able to reach out to each other through a parallel force, saying it “intrigues us and eventually moves us with the parallel forces.” (Morgenstern, 2000) Trying to express the feelings when the father and son say, “I love you” is shown when the author writes, “Just try and stay a dry-eyed skeptic.” (Morgenstern, 2000) He shares an emotional tone when writing his feelings of experiencing the events in this movie. Even though the movie seems to jump around the author says, “ Who cares? “, everyone can relate to a desire of having a parallel relation...

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