Essay about Analysis Of The Film Crash And Give Examples

Essay about Analysis Of The Film Crash And Give Examples

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1. Name the different types of racism that were apparent in the film Crash and give examples.
 Overt Racism can be seen when District Attorney’s wife speaks about Daniel, who was in the process of fixing the couple’s door lock, in a negative fashion by using derogatory words to describe his character. She even goes far enough to accuse him of giving copies of the keys to "his other gang members".
 Internalized racism can be seen throughout the movie, particularly with Anthony who goes on his soliloquy relating to the idea that society views white people as superior than black people. He accepts that the dominants group is the standard barrier in society and that black individuals have relatively low chance of succeeding in that environment without facing obstacles in their way.
 Aversive racism can be seen when the District Attorney’s wife grabs her husband’s arm after seeing two black men in the street. Although she is not openly being racist in that particular scene, the change in her demeanor indicates that she may have preconceived notions about black men.

2. What is the definition of race? What is racism? What does Omi and Winant mean when they state that race is a “pre-eminently sociohistorical concept?”
Definition of race is a group of individuals who share common history, beliefs, and physical characteristics such as skin color. Additionally, it’s used to categorize humans into a system of large populations. Racism can be described as “abusive behavior towards members who are different from us.” (Hughes) Omi and Winant state how race is “pre-eminently sociohistorical concept” which basically means that although the meanings of racism and stereotypes may change over time, the racial belief about the subordinate gro...

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... progress and acceleration that has taken place over the past several decades that have decreased the amount of overt racism towards this group.

10. In McIntosh/White Privilege what is her interpretation of unearned advantage and conferred dominance?

 Conferred dominance is the act of giving one group unearned control over another group. Additionally, unearned advantage is the privilege that one group holds over society. An example of this can illustrated though the hierarchy system where white men are usually on top. This “unearned enticement” gives the dominant group an advantage based on their race, gender, place of birth, etc. In short, conferred dominance voluntary gives another group control and power while unearned advantage is this idea that the way a person is born automatically sets their status in society that essentially defines their identity.

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