Analysis Of The Episode ' Water Park ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Episode ' Water Park ' Essay example

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“Do you think we’re wealthy?” Screams Lois at her two misbehaving children; “wealthy people can afford to ruin their family vacations!” Welcome to the life of the Wilkerson family. This paper is centered on the episode “Water Park” of the ever famous show Malcom in the Middle. In this episode the family goes on a vacation to a water park, leaving the youngest son at home with a babysitter and the oldest in military school playing pool against his higher. First I will talk about what integrity is, then I will use what definition I have for integrity to talk about some questions from the episode.
First of all, what is integrity? By definition it means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness and/ or the state of being whole and undivided. To me it means knowing the difference between right and wrong, and knowing when to quit and when to keep at it. It means being true to your morals and working as a team instead of on your own when problems come along. It’s also being honest with others and yourself.
Starting off, was it okay for Hal and Lois to procure a babysitter (any babysitter) for Dewey so that they can have fun at the park? In some ways they were really just looking out for him. Dewey had an ear infection so he couldn’t go to the waterpark. However was it fair of them to take everyone else but him? No I don’t think it was, it might have been okay if this was the first time it had happened, however Lois said that they had to leave him behind on other family vacations before. They could have left the other kids at home as well and went themselves or taken Dewey with them and could have made him wear a swim cap.
Next, was it a good decision for Hal to sneak a pint of rum into the park...

... middle of paper ...

...em (leaving their number with multiple people) to let them know. I do believe the emergency medical technicians should have left someone behind to ask the kid what happened and see if they can get a hold of his parents. It was negligence all around involving the child and the sitter.
All in all, everyone has a different take on integrity and based on the situation the judgment can and will change. As shown above, is leaving the child with a sitter wrong? No, is leaving the child alone with the sitter and not informing anyone else that that child is alone with them a bad thing? Yes, especially knowing the child’s record with sitters. So you see, there are many different situations that can change the views of everyone/anyone involved. Therefore, my definition of integrity alone is not good enough to prove weather these choices in these situations were right or wrong.

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