Analysis Of The Epic Rap Battle Between Mitt Romney And Barak Obama Essays

Analysis Of The Epic Rap Battle Between Mitt Romney And Barak Obama Essays

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Politicians are almost always an easy target when it comes to skits and jokes. Saturday Night Live has been imitating these public figures for forever, and they have remained popular throughout the years. Not only is the fact that these actors and actresses can sound and imitate the politician perfectly, but the fact that they can make the politicians points and arguments sound so ridiculous. In the Epic Rap Battle between Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, their characteristics are exaggerated upon, and their main points of their campaigns are torn to shreds. With the rhetoric situation being the 2012 presidential campaign, the argument in the clip is that both candidates have lots of promises for the country, but neither of them are fit for the job. This entertainment would not be successful if it the writers of these skits did not use somewhat credible information, relevant to the current events of that time period through the use of kairos. Also, the use of appeals, pathos, ethos, and logos strengthen their presentation and arguments that they are trying to get across. But, to many people the most important part of these skits is the use of humor itself, whether its superiority, incongruity, or relief. In the Epic Rap Battle between Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, the writers use the appeal of logos, while entertaining the audience through superiority and incongruity humor.
Using the appeals when trying to prove a point or make an argument is crucial to anyone who wants to be successful in doing so. This is especially important when comedy is involved because many people do not believe that it can be used in an academic setting or to prove an important point. Throughout the Rap Battle that I have chose, the two actors playing the pol...

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... using the rhetoric appeals and appropriate humor, it can be very influential on an audience and their opinions on a certain topic. In the video, they use humor to prove that one another would not make a good president, and that each of them are unfit to be running. They use humor to target not only the flaws in their agendas, but the flaws in their personal lives or upbringing. The use of humor when doing this not only entertains the audience, but actually opens up their eyes to the possible outcomes if one of these two men were to actually win the election and become president. The use of logos in this clip is vital because it gives the arguments and clip itself meaning and credibility. It would just be entertainment if they didn’t state statistics and the purpose of this clip and each candidate’s reasons for running, not for actually making a reasonable argument.

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