Analysis Of ' The Enchanted Ground ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Enchanted Ground ' Essay

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As Christian moves on, he meets another man named Hope. Hope was an encouragement to Christian because he stressed that now he is changed and he relies only on Christ for his strength (Bunyan Pilgrim’s Progress 158). While they are together they talk about their journeys up to this point and both realize that they had actually met the same old wise man and were directed in the same place. They ponder at what the man had told them and were able to remember that he had told them that two was better than one because the one is more open to temptation. They find this advice to be helpful, especially as they enter into the place called the Enchanted Ground. The Enchanted Ground is a ground that is so desirable, tempting, and often caused death. They recollect that because they are together they will not succumb to the temptation and will be able to make it through together. Hope provides yet another example of a character helping Christian ultimately fulfill his purpose. This encounter also shows Christian that temptations come in various forms but all must be overcome through Christ and other believers.
This time the trial was a person and his name was Ignorance. Ignorance believed with a false faith and believed in securing salvation based off works. Christian and Hope explained to him that salvation was not earned but instead it a gift by believing in the power of Christ. Ignorance, not wanting to hear what they had to say leaves unchanged. Recognizing that nothing could be done, Christian and Hope decide to move on.
The realization and the recognition of Ignorance leads us into our final character that helps Christian develop his purpose throughout Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. This character is all throughout the book and i...

... middle of paper ...

...ole Christian plays in this story. Christian displays almost perfectly how the Christian life is. The Christian life is not easy. It is full of trials and tribulations but through Christ and Him only we can gain eternal security and finally be freed from the chains that have had such a great hold on us as imperfect individuals. I believe John Bunyan’s experience in his childhood helped him with the premise of this story and how applicable it is for everyone. The fact that this story is ranked number two in the world for most copies sold as well as the number two overall read book in the world is incredible. The point Bunyan was trying to make when he wrote this book was not to glorify himself or to get and credit for being a good writer, but instead it was for the sole purpose that he wanted the world to hear the gospel and help those disciples fulfill their purpose.

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