Analysis Of The Documentary ' Sicko ' Directed By Michael Moore Essay

Analysis Of The Documentary ' Sicko ' Directed By Michael Moore Essay

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Imagine a child got into an accident and was not treated because he does not have a medical insurance. This sounds truly unfair, but the research shows that about “50 million people in the United States are uninsured” (Health Care). Now assume if these 50 million people are not treated, does this sound fair? The health care is getting expensive day by day and not everyone is able to afford it, so a plan is needed to solve this issue. In my Political Science class, one of my peers argued with me that “making the health care free will not ensure equality among people”, so I used the rhetorical appeals, logos, pathos, ethos, and kairos to convince my peer that the free health care will allow fair dealings in the United States.
The argument with my peer was based on the research and discussion about the free health care, an assignment given by my Political Science teacher after watching the documentary “Sicko” directed by Michael Moore. The documentary showcases the problems of health care in the U.S and how health care is easily accessible by the public in other countries. The idea of free health care is beneficial because it will allow all the citizens to get medically treated as soon as possible. My peer completely disagreed and described that “due to the changes taking place every day in the medical field and technology, the government will have to raise taxes to provide for the new modes of treatment.” My peer also said that “there should be other ways to have fairness and my dad will have a low salary if the taxes are raised.” After listening to her point I used logos in my argument as they laid out significant points clearly and helped me to understand my peer’s thoughts as I did not know her beforehand. The argument is logical...

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...etorical appeals, logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos, allowed me to explain to my peer that the free healthcare will overcome disparity, cite an emotional scene from the documentary “Sicko” to evoke sympathy, use former NHS chief executive’s quote to make my argument credible, and knew the instant in which I was arguing. All these appeals impacted my peer, but on a small scale, because there are many fallacies related to the health care system and to eliminate them, a lot of time is required. However, I was able to persuade her that the free health care will be rewarding, once enacted by showing that medical treatment will be readily available to every person. Thus, the argument about the free health care in my Political Science class has allowed me and my peer to see more clearly a new perspective of the world and provoked us to raise our voices against any injustice.

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