Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' No Impact Man '

Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' No Impact Man '

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In the documentary titled “No Impact Man”, we examined the journey taken by Colin Beavan, his wife Michelle, and their daughter to create no negative impact on the environment. Initially, they took measures such as buying from the local farmers’ markets, becoming vegetarian and using bicycles to go to work. However, there were some more dramatic changes that took place. Colin used worms to decompose their waste and scraps, and even resorted to using diapers made from organic wool as opposed to using plastic diapers. Even further, six months into their experiment, they rid themselves of electricity. They survived on candles, did laundry in a bathtub with natural components only, and made a pot contraption to keep things refrigerated. Although their intent with the pot is a very innovative and borrowed idea from Africa, it did not work efficiently and they resorted to a cooler. They did not utilize toilet paper. Their initial losses of TV and retail shopping were nothing compared to what awaited them in the next few months. This story gained widespread attention and had the country’s ear towards environmental issues. They visited a farm which produced their local goods as well and really embraced the idea of gardening and safe food production. A great piece of advice was given by Colin towards the end of the film. He suggested joining a community of environmental protection if there was one thing a person could do to help the movement. Not only does this provide the embrace of community action and shared responsibility, it helps society and the environment with great effects. At the end of the film, they restored their electricity to great excitement. The end shows Michelle and Colin discussing their experience, and Michelle cited ...

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... in an environmentally sae manner. This documentary, released in 2009, is still used and is still affecting the lives of many. “No Impact Man” and this course as a whole have made me self conscious of my selfish behavior. I have spoke to my friends and family about recycling and the prevention of waste, most specifically the usage of plastic, disposable water bottles. My friends find it amusing that I completely stopped using these water bottles found in convenience stores. My explanation on wasting money on a free resource causes good laughs amongst my group. This documentary served its purpose. Additionally, I will look to reduce my carbon footprint. On my side of the suite inside my dorm, I have started our own small recycling tub in order to reduce the amount of recyclable items thrown in our trash cans. Overall, I would recommend this course and film to others.

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