Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Making A Murderer '

Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Making A Murderer '

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A person’s socioeconomic status plays a major role in how a crime is investigated. Socioeconomic status is the social standing of an individual or group, which is calculated by the factors of income, education, and occupation. When it comes to the criminal justice system, your status determines whether you go to jail. Angela Davis, a law professor at American University in Washington, D.C., states that “most of the people in the criminal justice system are poor, regardless of race” in reference to how income and race reflect the outcome of criminal convictions. In the documentary, Making a Murderer, it appears Steven Avery was targeted by the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department. Furthermore, the department only focuses on Avery and never considered the possibility of there being any other suspects, which ultimately led to his conviction of sexual assault against Penny Beerntsen. Steven, an individual with a low socioeconomic background, becomes disadvantaged due to not having the right connections or the financial stability for the best representation. The filmmakers of the documentary asserts the unjustly actions of how Steven Avery was treated in Manitowoc County, by informing the viewers of his low socioeconomic status which plays a significant role in his conviction.
The documentary depicts the overall image of the Avery family as outcasts. The Averys owned a salvage yard, lived on their own road named Avery, and did not share the same level of education as other families. Reesa Evans, Steven’s appointed lawyer, enlightens the viewers that the Manitowoc County was primarily comprised of ‘working class farmers’. Although the Avery family were business owners, owning one of the largest salvage yards in the county, it is perce...

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...ears in prison. Sandford was an individual a part of the lower social class, coming from a rough part of Detroit, he was a victim of poverty. He stated how he was such a naïve kid and was coerced by detectives and his defense attorney to confess and plead guilty to murders he did not commit. Sanford told how his attorney commented, “you’re a black kid from the ghetto; these white people from the suburbs are gonna come in here and they’re gonna find you guilty.” He was exonerated June of 2016 after the real offender came forward and denied Sanford’s involvement in the murder. What is exposed as this bigger picture is how the criminal justice system is corrupted, being prejudice and stereotyping individuals based on their socioeconomic status is how the system seems to incarcerate people and sad to say, there is not any action that can be taken to end this corruption.

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