Analysis Of The Documentary ' Mahendra And Chitra ' Essay

Analysis Of The Documentary ' Mahendra And Chitra ' Essay

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Mahendra and Chitra were two soon to be newlyweds, the couple lived in Jamaica Hills, New York. Chitra graduated with a master’s degree from The City University of New York and works as a corporate paralegal while Mahendra passed the bar and was looking for work as a lawyer. The two met at Mahendra’s brother’s wedding and at the beginning of the documentary had been engaged for two years. The couple have no children at the time of the filming and had aspirations to live in Jamaica Estates, New York in the long run when the settle down and begin to start a family. The two seemed to be very happy in the beginning of the documentary and really looked forward to the wedding and spending their lives together.

Theoretical Foundation
The two come from a traditionally Indian family so they are very close to the parents and the parents played a big role in the wedding planning for the couple. The two seemed to have a very firm relationship, until after the wedding when things seemed to change. Chitra expected Mahendra to help around the house more since she was the one working and Mahendra seemed to stick to the traditional Indian values where the women were expected to do such things. Chitra once brought Mahendra’s mother to a dispute the two were having when Mahendra was not helping with the dishes, Mahendra did not appreciate that and would have rather handled the situation together as a couple. The strain of Mahindra isn’t working which seems to put big strain on the relationship after the wedding, Mahendra has never had to do dishes, laundry, any of the cooking, or any of the cleaning around the house and the way he was brought up in a traditional Indian family he probably saw that his mother was typically t...

... middle of paper ... to start getting ready for the ceremony because she had a lot to do. Mahendra told her no she will have to wait a couple more minutes until his mother got to the house. This showed Chitra did value Mahendra’s opinion and she would wait for his mother to arrive. After the wedding the two began to fight more, Mahendra was still looking for work as a lawyer and Chitra was financially responsible for the household. Chitra felt Mahendra was inconsiderate of her and felt he could help a little more around the house, Mahendra was not used to any house activities and it would take him a long time to adapt to these circumstances. The couple seemed to be having some personality compatibility problems, Mahendra had been used to things being done for him, it was the way his mother brought him up and the way their relationship had functioned for 4 years up to their marriage.

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