Analysis Of The Documentary ' David Wark ' Essay

Analysis Of The Documentary ' David Wark ' Essay

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David Wark (D.W.) Griffith is, without a doubt, one of the greatest filmmakers in history. Born on January 22nd, 1875, in LaGrange Kentucky, he managed to truly elevate the art of filmmaking to a higher dimension. He had an incredibly imaginative sense of camera movement and angles, invented various editing techniques, and was successful in moving film out of its static structure through creativity and imagination. He is perhaps best known for his 1915 film Birth of A Nation. Griffith succeeded in mastering his craft and progressed to become one of the greats. He is highly regarded to have pushed the boundaries of narrative filmmaking to heights never before reached. “According to that most modern of film makers, Jean-Luc Godard, every development since Griffith had it’s origins in him” (Page 12). Griffith’s name should be mentioned and discussed far more frequently because of the profound impact he has had on developing filmmaking as an art.
Griffith passionately believed that the shot was significantly more important than the overall scene, and should be the most basic unit of any film. He was the first director to allow the camera to be as mobile as the actors he shot. The types of shots he used were diverse, adding a new element to motion pictures. The camera was now an active participant in the storytelling process, rather than an inactive observer. Before Griffith began deploying these artistic techniques in his work, the camera was boringly passive. Just about every other filmmaker would position the camera in a static position that was far enough away from the action to not obstruct the actors, but not so far as to obscure detail. This made for films that looked flat and consistent on screen. Griffith envisioned the came...

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..., after much persistence and years of proving his talent, Griffith completed Judith of Bethulia in 1914, which totaled four complete reels.
In conclusion, David Wark Griffith has certainly earned his place among the best filmmakers in history. His innovative shooting style that involved a great degree of camera movement and a variety of angles was skillfully achieved. His editing techniques, set/location ideals and push for longer film durations all positively contributed to the art of filmmaking. Jean-Luc Godard is absolutely correct in saying that Griffith’s name should come up far more often in conversations about film than it does. He is one of the greats that established so much of the fundamental framework of the filmmaking art. It is time that more artist and audiences alike recognize him for his impressive accomplishments and the legacy he has left behind.

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